no tracking, just search


Mojeek was the first search engine with a no tracking privacy policy, and it's quite simple, we don't track our users. Being the first, and before it was the cool thing to do, shows that privacy is in our DNA and we're not just jumping on a bandwagon.


Mojeek believes you cannot provide truly unbiased and fair results whilst aggressively promoting your own competing products. This is why we want to concentrate on doing one thing, and doing it right - "Just Search".


Mojeek's technology already maintains the largest crawler search engine founded and run in the UK, but it's still growing! This also means our results are unique to us, they contain no other engine's results, and offer a completely alternative view of the web.

Quick Facts

  • Tracking Policy: No tracking
  • Products: Just search
  • Technology: Web crawler
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Developer: Marc Smith

Company Details

Mojeek Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.

Company registration number: 06918197
V.A.T. registration number: 125 8105 33

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