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Image Search Launch and Infobox Update

Mojeek has recently been working on two new features that go live today: Mojeek Image Search and a major update to our Infobox feature.

Independent and Unbiased Search Results

Mojeek is a crawler based search engine with its very own index of web pages, so we are not reliant on any other engine to produce our results. Our index is growing at an incredible rate, and as it grows the quality of results we return are improved.

Doing what's right: Mojeek and the environment

At Mojeek we have a core value of 'doing what's right', but doing what's right is not just about your privacy or providing unique and unbiased results, we also believe sustainability and respecting the environment should be a vital focus.

Time to freshen up and new Mojeek intro video

Even though it's technically summer, we thought it was about time for a spring clean, so are pleased to introduce our new Home and About pages. We wanted the new home page to have an even minimal and crisper feel than before, which we hope it has achieved. It also now features a new menu for ease of use.

Two Billion Pages

Woohoo, we did it! Mojeek has completed another milestone on its way to building the world's alternative search engine, our search index now contains over 2 billion web pages. In a world of countless metasearch engines and a small number of crawler based monopolies (that also track you), we're pleased to offer an alternative that is different.

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