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Mojeek can provide 2 levels of site search. The first and simplest is to include a Mojeek search box on your pages, this will allow your visitors to search your site using Mojeek's standard web index. Although this will be limited to however many pages we have already indexed from your site during our standard web crawl.


The second and more comprehensive solution is our Advanced Site Search, this will index your site seperately from the main web index and guarantee (depending on package selected) that all your pages are fully indexed and searchable. We can also customise your package depending on how often you would like your pages refreshed. The Advanced Site Search also comes with full API access, allowing you to retrieve the results in XML format, enabling you to display them directly on your pages with no Mojeek branding.

Example packages:

Queries Per Day1005001000Unlimited
API AccessYesYesYesYes
On-Demand IndexingWeeklyDailyDailyUnlimited
Mojeek BrandingNoNoNoNo
(* plus V.A.T.)£16 a month*£65 a month*£110 a month*£P.O.A. a month*

Discounts available for charitable, educational and non-commercial/open projects.

If you would like further information on our Advanced Site Search, please contact us.