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Mojeek - a crawler based search engine with an emphasis on unbiased results and user privacy.

Mojeek Limited is a UK startup specialising in web search technology, which primarily provides Internet search services to the general public through its crawler based search engine, but also businesses via API/XML feeds and licensing agreements. Mojeek's focus is on providing users with an unbiased and uncluttered search service, free from user tracking.

Founded in the United Kingdom

Mojeek's technology has been developed entirely from scratch and is currently the largest crawler search engine founded and run in the UK. Therefore, all results returned by Mojeek have been gathered and indexed by crawling the web, and contain no other engine's results.

In 2013, Mojeek received its first major angel investment and over the coming months will be expanding its search index considerably. To be a part of Mojeek at this exciting time, please check out our jobs page.

Mojeek's philosophy is, "no tracking, just search".

Mojeek follows a strict no tracking privacy policy, it's quite simple, we don't track our users. We also believe you cannot provide truly unbiased and fair results whilst aggressively promoting your own competing products, this is where our "no tracking, just search" philosophy originates.

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Mojeek Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales.
Company registration number: 06918197
V.A.T. registration number: 125 8105 33

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